The workshop have already happened. We let this page alive for a historical reference.


We're excited to announce the first ever CFAR workshops in Europe, near Prague (CZ), will happen during 1.-6.10.2017 and 11.-15.10.2017.

The workshop will be taught by CFAR staff. Local support is provided by the Czech Association for Effective Altruism.


You can find all the relevant info about the rationality training on pages of CFAR (or directly Workshops FAQ).


Workshop price is €2500. Thanks to the price difference between Prague and California and support from the CFAR, we are able to offer the European workshop for a significantly lower price than in the US. If you'd prefer to pay in CZK, please let us know and our association can accept the payment directly (so you don't loose on conversion rates).

Financial aid is available. You should apply in particular if you are a student or in a career path in high impact area and you can’t otherwise afford to attend.

About us & contacts

Czech Association for Effective Altruism (CAEA) is a local branch of the global effective altruism movement, and is an affiliate of Centre for Effective Altruism.

You can contact our organization at our contact page, or reach directly for application related requests or Jan Kulveit for general inquiries.